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Ship Chartering


JCBN has long-term expertise in vessel chartering and brokerage. JCBN’s chartering personnel focus on safeefficient, cost effective and timely service solutions in moving everything – for example, large volumes of steel, fertilizer, grain, coal and project cargoes, such as industrial plant process equipment and pipe shipments for the oil & gas, petrochemical and power generation industry.

ship chartering

As part of our chartering service package, JCBN carries out regular market trend analyses to ensure that it keeps abreast of all trends and changes to the economic and political climate. To keep up with trends JCBN utilizes its extensive international network of personal contacts and connections, as well as its international network of agents and correspondents. JCBN builds on the trends to adapt its processes and procedures to meet new or changed challenges and customer requirements.

In their role as consultants to owners and traders, JCBN’s brokers arrange spot fixtures, freight contracts, voyage and time charters for both tramp and liner tonnage in the container and dry bulk market.

Chartered Vessels

We charter vessels when logical and necessary, and where we believe the cargo requirements and budget will justify such an undertaking. The list of vessels, IMO number, type and the deadweight list is given below.


CHEMTRANS 1 8610435 Oil/Chemical Tanker 6,058
BITUFLEX 1 8130576 Bitumen Tanker 1,150
ZENITH STAR 8405438 Oil Tanker 5,218
ALFA KARADENIZ 8422008 Oil/Chemical Tanker 6,400
FERU 8410407 Oil/Chemical Tanker 6,813
OCEAN JASPER 8413306 Bitumen Tanker 4,993
OCEAN RUBY 9241487 Oil Tanker 6,902
RUBY EXPRESS I 9004841 Oil Tanker 4,112
OCEAN CRYSTAL I 9116371 Oil/Chemical Tanker 44,999
RISING SUN 8607818 Oil/Chemical Tanker 38,864
RISING PHOENIX 8607828 Oil Tanker 38,793
TEBRA 8919881 Oil/Chemical Tanker 8,416
REEM 1 9046758 Oil Tanker 1,200
REEM 2 8915110 Bitumen Tanker 1,255
ARION 8827765 Oil/Chemical Tanker 2,690

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